Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

I went to a couple of stores twice this week, partly because on Saturday it was just too nice and sunny here not to go on a walk. So I took my walk and stopped at Giant and Rite Aid while I was out. I love living that close to those two stores!

Here's what I bought this week, along with some fresh veggies that I got at the local market (paid cash with money I had taken out of our grocery budget earlier).

Total Spent: $22.29
Total Saved with Coupons: $49.10
Total Saved with Sales: $38.50
Total Saved:

Saved with Coupons: $21.60
Saved with Sales: $15.19

Freebies: Kashi (1 box), Oreos, Dole, Carolina Rice

I paid full price for the Adam & Eve apple juice and nearly full price for the Teddy Grahams. Do I hear you gasping? It's called poor planning. I forgot that I needed to take a snack for the children in our Mom's group and didn't feel like hunting down coupons for kid friendly items.

I bought the three Olay products to submit for a $15 rebate that is available right now. I spent $9.57 so I will actually make $5.43.

CVS: $0 (giftcard)
Saved with Coupons: $6.00
Saved with Sales: $8.98

Freebie: Colgate

I used a $4 Extra Bucks coupon to pay for my first purchase and a CVS gift card (earned through our Discover credit card) to pay for the second one. If I had not used the gift card, I would have paid $3.37. I got $2 Extra Bucks back from my purchase.

Rite Aid: -$3.04
Saved with Coupons: $21.50
Saved with Sales: $14.33

I was kind of frustrated with Rite Aid this week. They were out of several of the things that I had planned on getting, so I had to revamp my purchase a bit.

And yes, my total spent was negative. I originally purchased the Lamisil AF that was on sale, free after SCR and coupons. I wasn't sure I was buying the right thing, but the manager confirmed that it was the Lamisil that qualified for the SCR. Well, it didn't go through the SCR program, so I returned it. I guess because I used coupons, I actually was refunded more than I spent resulting in a $3.04 credit. I also should get $1 back via the SCR program.

Aldi: $5.26

I'll post my Monthly Spending Summary soon, so stay tuned. I'm anxious to see how it all turned out for the month!


  1. I was so jealous of the Kashi deal at Giant!!

    I take it you were able to get some of the cheap wipes at CVS? By the time I got there they were all gone. Oh well I try to remain postive and hope another deal comes along for wipes.

    My biggest frustation with Rite Aid is not being well stocked. It seems whenever I go there, they're out of stock of something I was planning to buy. I think this last time they actually had everything I wanted to buy.

  2. Yeah, Michelle, the Kashi deal was pretty sweet. Hardly ever see it that cheap. And yes, I was able to get wipes at CVS when they were the $2.50. I didn't really need them, but I figured at that price I better get them anyway!

    As for Rite Aid, I think I figured out at least part of why they are maybe out of stock on things. I discovered this week that our stores here only get a truck every other week- they used to get one weekly. From working in retail I know that makes a big difference on what your shelves look like. I wasn't too impressed.

    However, I did find out that doing rebates for items that were rainchecks is now easier than before. You enter the receipt like normal and once it "loads" to your account, you call 888-213-9920 and tell them which receipt had a rebate item that was purchased with a raincheck and they'll take care of sending you a check. SO much easier than faxing everything!


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