Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ways To Save: Use a Price List

I had mentioned here that I am more easily able to stay under our grocery budget than ever before and I'm still trying to figure out why. One of the tools that I have used the last 6 months is a price list chart.

Have you ever been at the store and seen an unadvertised deal and been tempted to buy it but just weren't quite sure if it was really a good price? I certainly have! In fact, I got so tired of trying to remember if things were cheaper at Aldi, my favorite bulk food store, or the current sale price that I made my own price list chart.

I simply used Microsoft Word to make a simple chart that had


Canola Oil

2.28 WM


1.49 SA 5lb


2.39 Aldi 5lb

Brown Sugar

.53 CV per lb.

Confectioner’s Sugar

.53 CV per lb.

Crisco Brand

4.12 WM


3.29 SA 48 oz.

Cocoa Powder

2.79 CV per lb.

Peanut Butter

1.29 Aldi 18 oz.


1.51 CV per lb.

Coconut- unsweet.

2.25 CV per lb.

Choc. Chips- milk

1.69 Aldi 12 oz.

Choc. Chips- semi

2.21 CV per lb.

Kookie Bits

1.25 CV per lb.

Butterscotch Chips

1.86 CV per lb.


1.69 Aldi

Evaporated Milk

.75 Aldi

Powdered Milk

4.99 Aldi 1lb. 9.6oz

Cream Cheese

.79 Aldi

Sour Cream

.99 Aldi 16 oz.

Cottage Cheese

1.89 Aldi 24 oz.

Pineapple Sliced

.99 SA 20 oz.

Pineapple Crushed

.89 Aldi 20 oz.

Mand. Oranges Can.

.45 Aldi


.89 Aldi

Graham Crackers

1.29 Aldi


1.76-1.80 CV per lb

Instant Pudding

2.30 CV per lb.


.33 Aldi 26 oz.

Salmon- canned

2.29 Aldi 14.75 oz.

Velveeta- generic

3.69 Aldi 32 oz.

Egg Noodles

.99 Aldi 12 oz.


1.19 Aldi 36 oz


1.49 Aldi 24 oz.

Spag. Sauce

1.09 Aldi 26 oz.


.59 Aldi .5 oz.

Kidney Beans Dry

1.16 WM per lb.

Northern Beans Dry

.88 WM per lb.

Black Beans Dry

1.08 WM per lb.

White Rice

.54 CV per lb.

Brown Rice

.55 CV per lb.

Instant Br. Rice

1.44 WM 14 oz.

Instant Wh. Rice

1.63 CV per lb.

Kitchen Supplies

Wax Paper

1.18 WM 75 sq. ft.

Aluminum Foil

2.29 Aldi 75 sq ft.

Plastic Wrap

1.29 Aldi 200 sq. ft.

Freezer Bags- Qt.

1.49 SA 40 ct.

Muffin Cups

.99 SA 90ct.

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  1. I really need to do this in an organized fashion. My "price list" if you can call it that, is a scribbled peice of paper that is barely readable. It has been a huge help - but could be tons better if I followed your advice and typed it out!


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