Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Know Your a Frugal Mom When...

Your 19 month old son recognizes and gets excited when he sees CVS and Rite Aid! I seriously didn't believe it at first when it seemed my son "recognized" these drugstores, but after several times I realized that yes, he indeed did know these places!

I had to laugh last week when we walked to Rite Aid. As we started walking the block that the store is on, Logan began to run and hollered "Yaaayyy!" as he headed straight for the front doors. Hopefully he'll learn some good spending habits through all his tag along shopping time!

Do you have any funny frugal stories to share? How would you finish the sentence, "You know your a frugal mom when..."?


  1. Ha, Ha! My son notices CVS and Kroger whenever we go away. He also "goes to Kroger and CVS" here at home. Kinda funny.

  2. My children used to ask for certain cereals. I would say "Let me check" and they would finish, " I know, you need a coupon". They caught on fast and many other customers in the store got a good laugh. Have fun with your son, they grow up very fast.



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