Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming Product Review

Recently contacted me and asked if I would do a product review- any product of my choice within a certain price range. I was excited since they have everything from games, to toys, to crock-pots, to upholstered headboards, to bath towels. You name it, they pretty much have it.

The biggest problem is that I have spent WAY too much time browsing their site! But anyway, I think I finally am narrowing down my options and hopefully in a couple of weeks you can have fun reading a product review.

Oh, and stay tuned. Because later on this week I have a great giveaway coming up! I think you'll all like it.


  1. sounds fun! thanks for the head's up...maybe I can squeeze out from underneath all the boxes to check it out! :-)


  2. I can totally relate to spending too much time browsing their website!


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