Monday, August 2, 2010

Recycle Bank: $5/$20 Rite Aid Coupon or $5/$30 CVS Coupon

Remember RecycleBank? Well, I had quite a few points in my account and decided to check to
see what deals they have right now. I was excited to discover that they now have $5/$20 Rite Aid coupons and $5/$30 CVS coupons. That seems like a pretty great way to use up any points you might have, in my opinion. Simply log in to your account here and click on "Get Rewards" at the top of the page, then "Pharmacies" on the left hand side and you should see the coupon offer. Each coupon is only 50 points.

I recently received my Rite Aid coupon from them and it expired 12/31/10. However, I make no promises that they all are that way!

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  1. Sweet! Thanks so much for the reminder! I still had 50 points in my account so I ordered myself a $5/$30 CVS coupons! Yay!


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