Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Spending Summary

Okay, so this is frustrating. I've been trying since Monday to get my computer to let me download pictures off my camera to no avail. I've been having some issues with my laptop and this has convinced me that it is time to take it somewhere to get it looked at.

Anyway, I guess you'll have to deal with a no-pictures post. I'm sorry!

Total Spent:
Total Saved with Coupons: $72.89
Total Saved with Sales: $58.71
Total Saved: $131.60

Rite Aid
: $34.98
Saved with Coupons: $45.00
Saved with Sales: $35.29

I bought 4 packs of diapers, two 12 packs of Scott toilet paper, 2 tubes of toothpaste and 1 box of Kleenex. My out of pocket was high because I did a deal where I got $20 in UPRewards for purchasing certain items. I debated for a bit whether or not it was worth it, but finally decided that it was, even though my out of pocket would be somewhat high initially.

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $15.69
Saved with Sales: $8.97

Had I not had a gift card my out of pocket would have been $11.31. I don't like to have my out of pocket be that high and had planned to buy a few other things and roll the Extra Bucks from those purchases towards this diaper purchase, but unfortunately the CVS I went to was out of the things I had wanted to get. So I decided to go ahead anyway since I still got a great deal on diapers- I got $10 Extra Bucks for purchasing these 3 packs.

Giant: $10.88
Saved with Coupons: $12.20
Saved with Sales: $14.45

The yogurt and tuna were free after coupons. The flour (4 bags) I purchased with a rain check from last week. I had planned to wait to get more until Oct. since I had just gotten some and I'm struggling to stay under budget this month. But much to my chagrin, the flour I bought last week was buggy. Yes, buggy. The gross thing is that I made some biscuits with it before I noticed it too. :(

Sharp Shopper:

I don't often shop at discount groceries partly because I don't often go near one and partly because with using coupons I can often get things cheaper than I can buy them there. But since the local Mom's Group that attend is near Sharp Shopper I thought I'd stop occasionally and see what deals I can find.

I was pretty impressed with the deals I got and decided that if I ever stop couponing I think I should shop there along with Aldi.

I found eggs for $1.30/doz. (cheaper than Aldi's $1.50!), low-fat cream cheese for $0.50/block (I don't use this in baking but it works great for my Cream Cheese Potato Soup), sharp cheddar cheese (our favorite!) for just a little over $2.00/lb., organic orange juice for $0.99/gal. and a big bottle of French dressing for $0.99 (have had a hard time finding good deals on this with coupons).


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