Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cheese that Made Me $0.80

I got back from Weis a little while ago feeling both frustrated and happy. Frustrated because they were all out of the cereal I was going to get for $0.50 (I got a rain check) and happy because I made $0.80 on cheese that I had figured I'd pay $2.00 for. Yes, you read right, I got PAID to buy cheese!

So what happened? Well, when I was ringing up my two blocks of cheese I realized that instead of ringing up at $2/each they were ringing up at $2.40/each. So after I rang up the cheese I headed to customer service to get my $0.80 back. Then about the time I thought about the fact that they might have an accuracy scan policy, the gentleman at customer service informed me that I'd get the whole $2.40 back for the one block since it didn't ring up correctly plus the extra $0.40 for the other block. I also had two $1 coupons for the cheese which resulted in me actually ending up with $0.80 extra in the end.

There are two reasons I am telling you about this little incident. One is because it was a good reminder for me to always check my receipt. I had bought 2 blocks earlier this week and never noticed that they were ringing up wrong. It really does pay to look over your receipt and make sure that everything rang up at the correct price.

The second reason is to remind you that many grocery stores have an Accuracy Scan Policy. This simply means that if an item doesn't ring up at the shelf price, you will receive that item for free. This is typically only good for the first item and any item after that you just receive the adjusted amount for whatever you were overcharged for the item. So really, although it's a pain to have to fool with going to customer service when an item rings up incorrectly, you do usually make out pretty good.

Now, I think I'll go enjoy a slice of that delicious sharp cheddar cheese that made me money! :)


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