Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Might Enjoy...

* A mom's thoughts about a cure for Down syndrome
- I love reading this blog. Wade's mom does such a great job of showing the joys that can come with a "special needs" child. I'm always challenged when I read her posts. I think those of us that are considered normal can learn so much from those that are considered "special needs".

* A cute jar vase idea
- I thought this was a cute, simple idea. Not that I don't have enough vases mind you. Anyone else out there have vases coming out there ears? And I even yard-saled some last year!

* A homemade no-sew Quiet Book
- Why is it that I'm always drawn to these craft things that I'll probably never do? I did think this was a really cute no-sew idea though. And it would make a great gift idea too.

* Efficient dish-washing
- I thought this was an excellent, creative idea! Logan isn't old enough to help me with dishes yet, but I'm tucking this one away.

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  1. I love to see what others are reading and finding profitable on the web. It helps me find good things without so much time on the computer.


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