Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You Might Enjoy...

* Loosen the Grip of More Stuff
- a quick read and a good reminder that STUFF isn't really all that important. I think I'm slowly learning that...but probably too slowly.

* A new take on cake. Or should I say a new take on pancakes? Either way I thought this was a fun idea for a special treat.

* Check out this post about tips to save on newspaper subscriptions.

* If you're craftier than I am, you might enjoy checking out a DIY on lampshades. Some pretty cool ideas I thought!


  1. That looks yummy and the lamps are beautiful!

  2. I really enjoy this type of post. I hope it becomes a regular feature. :) REALLY liked the post on simplifying.

  3. Thanks Christy! I always appreciate when people let me know that they enjoy or find something helpful because then I know what posts to focus on. I've done this post several times in the past and never was sure if people liked it or not.


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