Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

Whew, this was quite the week of shopping for me! I bought a lot of stuff and my cupboards are beginning to groan from it all. :) And amazingly enough I am actually a little tired of deal hunting!

I did go over budget by $8.19 this week which makes me a little anxious to see how my end of the month totals will look. I feel good though about all that I got and don't really feel badly about going over budget since I'm pretty sure that with all the rebates I've received, when I do my monthly spending summary I'll still come out in the black.

Total Spent: $52.03
Total Saved with Coupons: $55.35
Total Saved with Sales: $57.21
Total Saved: $112.56

Walmart: $6.19 (plus gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $18.39

Freebies: 10 pks. McCormick, Muir Glen, Tropicana (2 bottles), Reese's

I was really happy with this trip. I can't often get this much free stuff at Walmart.

My total actually was $24.02, but I had two Visa gift cards that I had gotten by doing some rebates with Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate Program and I used them to pay for part of this purchase.

I bought the orange juice with Buy One Get One Free coupons from this promotion and ended up paying $3.84 for four of them, or $0.96 a bottle. And yes, I got 14 packs of taco seasoning- that should last us a long time! But I figured I saved $4.01 just on that alone since I typically buy it at Aldi and it is $0.33 a pack.

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $5.41
Saved with Sales: $0.80

Freebies: Shampoo & Pads (after Extra Bucks)

If I had not used a gift card to purchase this I would have paid $6.57. I used $3.41 in Extra Bucks and got back $4 Extra Bucks. Really it should have been $8 but the cashier goofed in printing the Extra Bucks from my rain check for the Carefree. Since I work at that location, I'll probably have them reconcile it the next time I go in.

Centerville Bulk Food: $6.10

Just in case you are curious, the brown bag has potatoes in it.

Rite Aid: $13.25
Saved with Coupons: $9.55
Saved with Sales: $6.10

Freebies: Dawn, Complete, Edge, Bic Soliel

I bought the Efferdent (for my Dad in case you were wondering!), Complete and Dawn with rain checks. I should get a total of $15.99 back in Single Check Rebates. I was pretty happy to see this transaction become a moneymaker even though I didn't have any $5/$20 or $5/$25 coupons to use.

Giant: $26.49 (plus gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $22.00
Saved with Sales: $50.31

Freebie: Betty Crocker Potatoes

This was one of those transactions that ended up being very frustrating. Several things didn't ring up correctly, my coupons that were over $0.50 didn't double and they always did before, the clerk at the service desk was more than unhelpful when I went to correct the issues-- it's times like this that make me wonder if saving money is really worth it!

Anyway, I did get some great deals including bacon for $1.50/lb., chocolate chips for $0.88, cream cheese for $0.85 each and ham for $0.49/lb. So was it worth it? Well, maybe! :)

This was another Giant purchase that I made while I was in Maryland. They double coupons up to $1 so I was able to get these things for an even better deal. I did use a Visa gift card for part of this purchase (one I got as part of the Rite Aid SCR program) so that saved me $9.19.

How did you do this week?


  1. You already know how I did! :)

    I know the feeling about things not coming out right when you're checking out. Happened to me today at Kroger. I was buying organic apples that were supposed to be on sale for $.99 a lb but they rang up for $1.29 a lb. I felt kinda silly saying something but hey I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't on sale. They had to send somebody back to produce to check the price and I felt so bad for the people behind me. But hey it saved me a dollar and when you're on a budget every dollar counts!!

  2. I know. I often stand there and weigh whether it is worth haggling over or not. But I think what really bugs me about it is what you said- I would not have bought it had it not been on sale! And honestly, it just bugs me when something doesn't ring up right. My husband says I have a strong sense of justice...guess it shows up in this area!

  3. You work at CVS? Wow I didn't know that!

  4. Well, in some ways I almost can't say I work there anymore. I only work one 4-8 hour shift every 6 weeks. But I did work there more regularly for 10 years as a greeting card merchandiser (2 yrs.) then as a pharmacy technician.


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