Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BeRuby.com: Earn Money for Visiting Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail Etc.

Do you frequently visit Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, or CNN.com? If so, you will want to check out BeRuby.com because you can get paid to visit those sites!

How does it work? Simply sign up for an account with BeRuby.com, login to their site, then click through to Gmail, Facebook etc. and you'll earn a little bit each day.

You can only get paid for one visit per site per day, so no, you will not make lots of money fast with BeRuby.com. But if you just use it daily to visit the sites you already stop by, you'll slowly earn a little bit of money for doing what you already do.

Want to make logging into BeRuby.com easier? Download Roboform- it's the best thing since self adhesive postage! Just make sure you download the free version.


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