Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monthly Spending Summary (March)

Monthly Grocery/Household Budget: $190

Total Spent: $216.98

Week 1: $34.57
Week 2: $ 38.45
Week 3: $41.58
Week 4: $50.35
Week 5: $52.03

Credits: $103.52
* Rebates: $95.21
- These were mostly Rite Aid Single Check Rebates (SCR), although $11.99 was from mail in rebates for products I bought that were free after rebate.
* Returns: $8.31

Ending Balance: $113.46 (or $76.54 extra)

Balance Carried from Jan./Feb.: $101.55

Okay, so every month I think that I am close to my monthly budget but then I surprise myself! I was really shocked this month, because although I knew I had a number of rebates that I had deposited, I had no idea it was anywhere close to $100 worth. That meant that even though I spent more than my allotted monthly budget, I actually was under budget by a lot. And this was even a five week month.

I'm seriously considering reducing my grocery budget, but feel just a little apprehensive about it. I know that I'll need some extra money for this summer and fall when I buy fruit and veggies to can and freeze. I'm wishing I would have kept better track last year of how much it cost me to buy those things. So at this point I'm kind of leaning towards waiting until summer is over and then reevaluating our budget then.

This whole couponing thing is amazing. I was just telling my husband a couple of days ago that it's so neat because we're eating better than ever and I'm spending less! And that was even with being a careful shopper before and budgeting the same amount. So anyway, I think coupons, sales and rebates pretty much rock!

How did you do this month? And on a different note, do you have any idea how much a family of 3 might spend on fruit and veggies to can/freeze? (We are pretty big eaters!)


  1. As usual, I'm in awe! I can't imagine spending that little on food! I am trying to justify myself that it is impossible for me to coupon/bargain shop with four little children. I just count myself blessed if I manage to get food into my house. And my husband thinks I do a great job in stretching our grocery budget.
    But I'm still impressed when I see those of you that do this so well! Keep it up!

  2. Gina, you always have such kind words to say. And you know what? I honestly doubt I'd do this well if I had four little children that I had to take with me. :) Unless I did it in the evening and Vince babysat. And the fact that your husband is happy with your spending says a lot!


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