Friday, July 17, 2009

Freebies: Playtex Sport and more

Just thought I would offer a few suggestions for doing these things. Set up a free yahoo or gmail email address just for samples etc. so you don't get bogged down with any emails the companies send. And download makes filling these things in a cinch and it is free! Also, remember, you only need to fill in the parts that have an * in order to get the sample.

Playtex Sport sample here.

Try PureVia all natural sweetener here.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh sample here. (Costco membership not required)

And don't forget about signing up for your free chocolate bar today here!


  1. So glad I saw this. I just downloaded roboform. I guess I needed to hear that it was legit from a real person. :) And to think I was typing my address and info all this time!! GRrrr....

  2. Yeah, I was a bit skeptical about Roboform too at first, but after I saw some other bloggers using it, it gave me the boost I needed. I have gotten spoiled by it!


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