Friday, February 5, 2010

REMINDER: Egg Coupon This Morning

Remember that at 10 am. EST/7 am. PST the Incredible Good Egg Project coupon that I posted about earlier goes live. Simply become a Facebook Fan and then click on the FREE EGGS tab to print a coupon for Buy One Dozen Eggs Get One Free. The coupon will only be available to the first 30,000 people.


  1. Were you able to get an egg coupon?

  2. I *think* I just did. I gave up trying soon after 10:10 and then decided to try again just now and it actually went through. I think. At least it said you will get a coupon shortly, so we'll see. I saw some ppl said the email with the coupon link went to their spam folder.

    What about you? It was a bit of a mess wasn't it?!

  3. Yes, I was a bit annoyed that they weren't better prepared! I was finally able to get one but I still haven't gotten it in my e-mail. I would have thought I'd have it by now.

  4. Yeah, me too. I got the email after several hours only to be told that I already printed it. Not true!


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