Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making the Most of Free Product Coupons

My current FREE product coupons.

It used to be when I got a coupon for a FREE product, I wanted to use it right away. It just seemed like so much fun to use it and not have to worry about finding a sale for the item in order to get it free. But before long I started to realize that if I had patience I frequently could make money using my free product coupons.

You can easily make money on FREE product coupons by simply waiting to use them when there is a sale where you get money back on the product. Here's an example. Last week I made $10 at CVS simply by purchasing 4 bottles of Excedrin and using 4 FREE product coupons. Here's how the deal looked:

Purchase $20 in Excedrin products get $10 Extra Bucks
* Bought 4 Excedrins priced $4.69, $4.79 and two at $5.39
* Used 4 free product coupons
* Paid $0 out of pocket
* Got back $10 Extra Bucks to use on future purchases

You can also make money on FREE product coupons by using them at Rite Aid or Walgreens when they have similar promotions or at your local grocery store when there is a Catalina deal. I've even made money on items at Giant when I've used FREE product coupons on some of their instant savings items. (Where you buy 3 specific items and get an automatic $3 off your order).

The only negative side to not using the FREE product coupons right away is that you need to be very attentive to the expiration dates. You won't be able to turn every FREE product coupon into a money maker and if you don't use them right away you may forget to use them before they expire. To make it easy to keep track of that, I simply take all my FREE product coupons and paper clip them together in order of date, then put them in my coupon file. By doing this I can see at a glance what coupons I need to use up in the current month. The last week of every month I grab the FREE product coupon stack, take any coupons that are left that expire that month and use them.

How do use FREE product coupons to get every pennies worth out of them?


  1. I do the same thing you do with free coupons. Hang onto them hoping an ECB deal or UPR deal comes up! The Excederin deal was alot of fun last week!

  2. Where I can get this free coupons,can you help me?

  3. I get them a variety of places. Sometimes companies offer FREE product coupons on Facebook or with other promotions. And sometimes if I contact a company and request coupons or compliment their product they send coupons including FREE product ones.

    Ps. I'm now blogging over at can read more there.


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