Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is Couponing and Deal Hunting Worth It?

Some of you may wonder if deal hunting and using coupons is really worth it. I know I've had plenty of people ask me, "Do you really save enough to make it worth your time?" Just for fun I decided to go back and see how much I saved this year. I started keeping track of my savings in May and my figures include what I saved with sales, coupons, AND manufacture rebates (in other words, I didn't count the Single Check Rebates from Rite Aid which would add probably at least another $100).

Let me tell you, I was shocked when I saw the actual figures. In 8 months time, I saved $2,919.15! (Only $111 of that was from rebates). Now some of you may still be wondering if it's worth it. Again, just for fun, I figured out how much I made an hour with those savings.

With the above figure I can spend approximately 6 hours a week doing deal related things and still "make" $15/hr. (Take 2,919.15 divided by 32, the number of weeks that I tracked. Then divide that number by $15 which is my "wage" and you come out to 5 hrs.) For me that is worth it- not to mention that I totally LOVE it too.

Now I know that drugstores for instance have sort of overpriced items. But even if you figure that in, it's still not a great savings.

How much did you save this year? I know some of you were keeping track and I'd love to hear how you did! Isn't it amazing to see the savings?


  1. That is a crazy amount of money! No wonder you feel like it is worth it. Posts like this make me wonder why I don't coupon. But I have always been discouraged couponing because I make so many of my own things and buy so little processed food that I can rarely find a coupon for something that I actually buy. And to "save" money by buying something that I wouldn't normally buy isn't really saving money. At least that is how I look at it. Every time I whine to my husband at how much I spend on food, he tells me he is pleased with my purchases - so I guess I should stop comparing myself to you super shoppers!

    But I do enjoy reading about your deals!

  2. Gina, get this...I just read of another blogger who saved over $10,000 with coupons etc. Here I thought my $3,000 in 8 months was good.

    And like I told you before, your gardening is amazing to me and I know you save LOTS of money there. Not to mention it's helps you eat much healthier.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I don't think you should feel bad about 3,000! There is always someone else who can do one better!

  4. For some reason I missed this post...

    Couponing is sooo worth it! And it's so hard for me to understand why somebody wouldn't want to coupon!

    Did you see the comment I left you on my blog? I thought my $10,000 figure sounded really high after you said yours was $3,000. So I went back and checked my excel tracking program and a formula was messed up which caused it to calcuate wrong. Anyway I just added it up manually and it came to around 5,000. Anyway...just wanted to let you know. I didn't want to be misleading!

  5. No, I hadn't seen that Michelle. Thanks for clarifying. I knew you did more deals than I did so I didn't think too much of it.


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