Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giant Pa: General Mills Cereal Deal

There is a really great deal at Giant Pa (called Martin's in Md.) this week. Sorry I didn't get this posted earlier, but I was just getting ready to do my Giant run and realized just how good this is!

Anyway, so here's the deal: Buy 4 General Mills cereals get $6.00 off instantly. In addition people are reporting that a catalina coupon prints a coupon for FREE (up to $4.50) milk as well. Now this catalina coupon could stop printing at any minute since no one seems to know what triggers it, but at any rate, it is a great deal either way. And it can be done mulitple times, just be sure to do it in separate transactions.

Now here are some coupons to make your deal even sweeter. Remember that Giant doubles coupons, although stores vary on their doubling rules. Some only double one like coupon, some double only to $1, some double multiple like coupons etc. Double check your stores policy so you can get the best deal.

* $0.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (to find it faster select Cinnamon Toast Crunch under "Brand")
* $0.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
* $0.75/1 MultiGrain Cheerios
* $0.55/1 Cheerios
* $1/2 Select General Mills Cereals
* $0.75/1 Wheaties or Wheaties Fuel

Deal Idea:
2 Box Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.69
1 Box MulitGrain Cheerios $2.99
1 Box Cheerios $2.49
- (2) $0.55 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coupons doubled
- 1 $0.75 MuliGrain Cheerios coupon doubled
- 1 $0.55 Cheerios coupon doubled
- $6 instant savings doubled
Total: $0.86 out of pocket ($0.22/box) PLUS milk catalina*

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  1. The Milk coupon should be good all week. AND you will possibly get the 'change' back from whatever you don't use.

    If you get 1% GIANT brand milk, then you get the overage from the $4.50 milk coupon. I did!

    The advertisement says Buy 4 General Mills Cereals in one visit, get $6.00 off. Plus get up to $4.50 off a Gallon of Milk with your next shopping order.


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