Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazon Wipes Deal- Less than $0.02/wipe!

I was needing some baby wipes pretty desperately and since there have been no good sales on them recently, I decided to check and see what Amazon's price was. Wow, was I excited at what I found! Right now you can get wipes shipped to your house and pay less than $0.02/wipe. Plus if you have Amazon gift codes that you earned through Swagbucks you can apply those to your order and possibly pay nothing.

So here's the deal:
1. Join Amazon Moms- it's free and you get 15% off diapers and wipes as well as free 2-day shipping.

2. Go to Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Popup Refill, 216 count Pack (Pack of 3)

3. Choose the Subscribe & Save option on the right hand side of the page in the blue box. This will save you an additional 15% percent.

4. Continue through checkout. If you happened to receive the $10 off coupon pictured above, enter the coupon code in the "gift card or promotional codes claim" field. This will deduct $10 off your purchase. These coupons were mailed to some people and can be found in the Fit Pregnancy Dec/Jan issue as well as the February issue of BabyTalk magazine.

5. Your total will be $11.57 (that's less than $0.02/wipe) without the $10 coupon and $1.57 with it. If you have Amazon gift certificates that you earned through Swagbucks, apply them to your account now to get them to go towards this order.

6. Once your order has shipped, or once you receive it, you MUST log into your account and cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription or else you will receive this item every month. To cancel simply go to "Your account" and then "Manage Subscribe & Save Items", then cancel.


  1. Did you get the $10 coupon? I was dissapointed to get my Feb. Baby Talk magazine and find another 20% off code. :(

  2. Oh Rachal, that is frustrating! No, I didn't get it. My free subscription of Baby Talk apparently ended. (I recently found another free subscription offer and signed up again.) However, I found someone who was willing to give me 2 codes on a coupon trading site. I need to do a post on that someday- I've had great experiences with it!


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