Friday, August 21, 2009

Stockpiling and My New Resolve

Please, don't gasp in horror, but this is how(most of) my cupboards looked!

I am a stockpiler. I can't deny it if I want to because all you would need to do is look in my cupboards. I hate running out of something. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because it is inconvenient, because I was deprived as a child (just kidding!), or maybe it gives me a sense of security. I don't know. At any rate, I have this list of staples (not really a list, just one in my head) that I always keep on hand. Well, at least try to. My list includes things like saltines, sour cream, beans, rice, jello, ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, shredded cheese, chocolate chips, cream cheese and much more.

Well, that might not sound so unusual, but see, I like to always have at least one extra of all these items on hand. For instance, I like to always have at least one extra bottle of ketchup and mustard in my cupboard at all times, even if I just opened a new one. Also one of my grocery buying rules is if I can get an item for 50% less than its normal price and it is something on "the list" I buy it.

Now typically this is not a problem but lately there have been so many good deals and my cupboards were just pretty much as full as they could get. My husband, who is totally not a stockpiler, has learned to just grin and bear this silliness of mine. But recently when he noticed how full our cupboards were, he began to make his little remarks hinting to me that this was getting bad.
So I decided to try something this month and next. I decided to try to not buy anything more than we absolutely need unless it is 50% or more off the normal price. I started this probably about a week into August and so far it looks like I should be able to have roughly $40 left over in our monthly grocery budget.

I am really excited about that because due to all the canning and freezing I have been doing we are over our grocery budget right now. This is typical and I generally catch up within 3 months but I am hoping to do better than that this year. Maybe!

I plan to update occasionally about how it is going, what I am doing to help eliminate my stockpile and what I am learning from this. So stay posted!


  1. Good for you and good luck. I also like to always have certain items well stocked in my pantry. Since I started couponing it sure hasn't been hard to keep it stocked!! Keep us updated on how it's going!:-)

  2. Canning - not may folks still doing that - i did 250 jars of Peach jam from our peach trees and got a real smile when i read your post about the corn - sounds like something that could happen at my house - was wondering do u ever find coupons for canning jars or Certo - sure would love to find some - thanks for all your help/work - I appreciate your time n U - Be Safe - Zelda

  3. Thanks for the comment Zelda! I always love when my readers come out of hiding. :) And you are so right, not too many people can anymore. 250 jars of peach jam! Wowzers! You all must eat lots of jam.

    I haven't found coupons for jars recently, although I found a coupon box that someone left at my work (back when I still worked full time) and here there were coupons in their for Mason jars. They don't even have an expiration date so I was pretty tickled. I actually have rarely bought jars though. My Mom gave me some since they are empty-nesters and around here I find them at yard sales for free or very cheap. Or sometimes I see them on Freecycle too. If I do figure out where to get coupons, I'll let you know!

    What is Certo? I've never heard of it.

  4. Lydia,

    I should show you my stockpiles, you would be horrified. Yours are very neat and organized in comparison. I know what you mean about sometimes you just have to stop buying, unless it is just about free. My vice is cereal. I buy far too much of it. I just can't pass up $.25 cereal!
    Good luck.


  5. Good for you...I too always like to have one extra bottle of ketchup. It's hard sometimes not to get every good sale!! Found your blog from Tell me Tuesday...gonna follow now!

  6. I love to stockpile too! I always have an extra bottle on hand of all the essentials. I am doing something very similar for the month of September. Good luck!

  7. Ok, I know this is a really old post but I'm having so much fun reading your blog! :) I NEED to get back to work but somehow I just keep reading another one.... and then another one.... and then another one.... You get the picture! I'm amazed at how much I see myself. :) I'm a stockpiler too... and it's my husband that keeps me in check. I don't see how you can be a couponer and not stockpile. :) I enjoyed this post especially because I, too, have been trying to 'reduce' my stockpile by using from it more than adding to. I feel quite proud of myself that I haven't been to Rite Aid yet this week. (But I've been to Meijer (groceries) twice already...) So, blah. I guess I'm not doing so good.

    I saw the comment from forthemommas.... she's one of my favorite bloggers! :) Keep up the good work, Lydia!


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