Friday, August 28, 2009

UPDATE!!!! Free: GGP Malls: $10 Gift Card

Thanks to two other wonderful bloggers who left comments, I am happy to report that you CAN get a GGP $10 gift card no strings attached. Simply go to the sites below and sign up. The $10 gift card you get with a $75 purchase, you don't need a form for. You simply go to the event tables as I stated previously.

How sweet is this?!

Check the list here to see if you live close to one of the GGP Malls that are participating in the Shop Smart Event during Sept. 17-19. If so you might want to sign up for a voucher that you can redeem for a $10 Mall gift card. (For Park City Mall of Lancaster, Pa go here.)

During this Shop Smart Event, you can also submit receipts showing $75 worth of GGP Mall purchases dated Sept. 17-19 in order to get another $10 gift card. There are going to be Shop Smart program tables located in the malls during this event and that is where you will redeem your receipts for your additional $10 gift card.

We happen to have a number of gift cards right now for stores in our mall and hubby needs some jeans rather desperately. So I am thinking we might be able to make the $75 deal work without actually spending much out of pocket. However, remember, it is never smart to do a deal just because it seems like a good deal. If you don't need the items or in this case, if you don't have$75 to spend, it is not a good deal!

Thanks "Cents"able Momma!


  1. Hi Lydia,
    those are 2 separate deals, 1 is for the NO strings attached $10 gift card and another for a $10 gift card with $75 purchase. Click on 'Gift Card Voucher' for the FREE $10 gift card. Hope that helps!

  2. Here's the link for the Free $10 gift card for your local mall. :)

  3. As far as I can tell, there are actually 2 promotions right where they are giving away 500 free $10 gift cards per mall with no purchase necessary and another where you do have to purchase $75 worth of items.

    I completely agree that if you do not need to purchase anything that the gift card with $75 purchase is not a very good deal...but the free GC is :-).

    I don't actually live close enough to a participating mall to make even the free gift card worth it...since I don't want to use $20 in gas to use my free $10 GC :-). But, it's a great deal for those who do.

  4. Good thoughts on not getting a good deal just to get a good deal! My hubby likes Lee jeans, since he wears them every day for his excavating job, that's what we get. :-) We like to use the $10.00 off $10.00 from JC Penney's, and get good deals, too. Hope you have success stocking up for your hubby!



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