Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Restauraunt.com- Pay $1.50 for $25 gift certificate

Restaurant.com is running another hot deal on their gift certificates. You can get 80% off their gift certificates when you use the code TASTE at the checkout. This means that you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2 or a $10 one for $0.80!

Want to make the deal even sweeter? Shop through Cashbaq and get 25% back on what you pay meaning that you get 50 cents back on a $2 purchase making your $25 gift certificate cost only $1.50 or a $10 certificate $0.64. Now that is some cheap food! Oh and if you are new to Cashbaq, you'll receive $5 just for signing up.

As always, read the fine print with each of the certificates. Many have restrictions about using them only for lunch or dinner or with a minimum purchase amount.


  1. Have you had good luck with any of these. The restaurants listed for our area are ones I've never tried before and they have a lot of rules. Must spend xxx etc.

  2. I actually have never bought any of these due to the fact that the selection of restaurants in our area is pathetic and also because the few that are great places to eat have high out of pocket amounts that must be met before you can use the gift certificate. I hope someday to have success with them though, since it is a great deal!

    And I do know of others who have been able to use these successfully in their area for a cheap meal. So that is why I keep posting them.

  3. I'll keep checking. Maybe we'll get some good restaurants added. :)


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