Friday, August 7, 2009

Oops! Fraudulent Coupon

I was just made aware that the PDF format coupons that I posted about in this post were fraudulent. One of the tips was that the one coupon said to see the reverse side but obviously there was no reverse side. So at this point I pulled the link for them. If I find out that they are legitimate I will post it again.

I don't believe that being dishonest is ever okay. And while I am committed to saving money, I am not going to do it at the cost of honesty. Please, if you printed this coupon, posted it on your blog, or saved it to your computer, delete it.

Thanks and sorry for the error.

Someone emailed me and wondered where I got my information on this. I should have linked to this post on Common Sense with Money's site. My apologies. She has a great post on using printable coupons legitimately.


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