Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corn Day

Whew, am I ever glad that yesterday is done! My sister who is from Indiana is at my parent's for the week and so we got this idea to do corn together. She and Mom traveled the two hour drive over here yesterday morning and arrived in good spirits ready to attack the corn. One of our friends who doesn't have family living around here and who is 7 months pregnant was wanting to do corn too, so earlier this week we invited her to join us as well. Silly us, we thought we were wonder women I guess.

See, we tried to do 900 ears of sweet corn yesterday with just the four of us and we had two little toddler boys to run after and take care of as well. Let's just say that a rain showers later (we were doing all but the cooking outside and not being easily deterred we just moved under our lone tree in the back yard and kept on working!), 1,000 interruptions by curious, hungry, tired little boys, another rain shower, and being assisted by me sweet, helpful husband we finally got done...15 hours later! Yes, that is right. Fifteen long hours later.

Our dear pregnant friend left around 8:30 after we coaxed her to go home and put up her feet. She got more than she bargained for anyway, poor lady. By that point, my hubby had been home from work for several hours and was slaving away helping us. But we still didn't get finished until midnight. And my dear Mom and sister and her little boy decided to go ahead and drive home yet last night. I felt so bad for them.

I left some of the cleaning up to do today but did wash up the dishes and wipe down the sticky counters last night. The second rain sent us inside so instead of having all the sticky corniness outside, I have lots of it inside, not too mention all the dirt that was tracked in from the wet ground. Oh well, that's life.

Right now, I don't think I'll do corn ever again. Of course I know that's not true. Next year this all will not have seemed so bad. Guess it's sort of like child birth, huh? Before too long, you forget how terrible it was. Okay, that was a bad analogy, but anyway. At any rate, I am very thankful for the corn in my freezer and we did have fun (most of the time) doing it together.

But please, learn from our mistake and never get more than 100 ears per person when you do corn- unless you truly are super women!


  1. my oh! you surely had your work cut out for you, and i hope you're propping your feet up today!! :-) my mother in law and also friends of ours rented a silker from a neighbor for $8.00/day to do their corn...i think they're sold on it!


  2. Oh my you had quite the day! I think I'd be relaxing today! Are you sure you don't want to come help me with my corn??? :)

  3. I am not exactly propping up my feet but I am having a pretty low-key day. In fact my little sweetheart even slept in late so I did too!
    Eunice, I like that silker idea. Crazy thing is if we would have been thinking my Mom could have borrowed one from their neighbor. :(
    Michelle, how much do you pay? ;)


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