Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Might Enjoy...

* A "Ruler" for Marking Childrens Heights
This is a great way to keep record of your kid's height...and you can move it with you from house to house!

* Consumable Christmas Gifts
Rebekah has some great ideas on giving consumable Christmas gifts. I really need to do more of those kinds of gifts.

* Fabric Roads
Now THIS is such a neat idea- not to mentionn something that someone like me who is not one bit "crafty" could pull off! And if you need some jeans I'm sure you could find some really cheap at Goodwill.Link

* Will I Really Miss This?
This post was just what I needed the other day when I was feeling like my son was trying my patience severely. I just thought some of you other moms might be blessed by it as well.

* 10 Ways to Wrap Gift Cards with Stuff You Already Have
I love some of the creative ways that Rebekah gives to make giving a gift card a bit more fun...or at least look nicer!


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