Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview

Want to know what coupons to expect in this Sunday newspaper? Go here.


  1. Hello, I have a question and am wondering what your opinion is? This week weis has gold medal flour 2/5. The other week we printed a coupon for gold medal flour. Do you think I should hold onto my coupons and see if there will be a better price later or do you think this is probably the best deal? Thanks, Karen

  2. Ah, that is always the million dollar question! :) Are you talking about the $0.50 coupon? If so, mine expire 12/2 which means there would only be 2 more weeks to use it. Here's my thinking:
    Chances are it will not be on sale next week since it is this week and going from past years it's very likely that they won't run another sale in 2 weeks either- although not impossible.

    I'm planning to use mine this week. I know there is a slight chance that there will be a 2/$4 sale before they expire but I'm guessing it is unlikely. And $1.50 for a bag of flour is a good price in my opinion so I'm going to take the chance.

    Hope that helps you out a little at least! Happy saving!


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