Friday, November 18, 2011

Endorse: Earn Cash Back for Everyday Shopping

I'm excited to tell you about a new way that you can make a little extra money on your every day purchases. But I'll warn you, it's just a teeny bit complicated. Not terribly, but a little- so read carefully.

Okay, now that you know that, how would you like to earn 2%-10% cash back for getting groceries at Walmart or Kroger, splurging on coffee at Starbucks, enjoying a date night at Outback Steakhouse, or shopping at ROSS or Old Navy? Or what about getting 10% cash back for purchasing Huggies, Cool Whip, Orange Juice and more? If this sounds good to you, then you'll want to check out Endorse.

So what is Endorse?
Endorse is a new Facebook app that rewards you and your friends for buying the products you love. By using Endorse you can "endorse" your favorite products and get paid back for buying those products with your friends whenever and wherever you already shop—online and offline. The more friends you have and the more loyal you are to your favorite brands, products, and retailers, the more everyone earns.

How does it work?
After you create an Endorse account, simply click the "Endorse" button, shop as your normally would and then submit your receipts (as proof of purchase) in the envelope Endorse provides you. Once your account reaches $25, you'll automatically receive a check in the mail.

Anything else that I should know?
* Your cash back is calculated AFTER coupons and tax. And any coupons that are "unidentifiable" such as CVS Extra Bucks will be counted towards the eligible Endorse product.
* If 5 friends endorse a product you endorse, you will get the product absolutely free! (That's why it would be great if you use the links below. =] )
* You can earn cash back on both in-store and online purchases.Link* You have 90 days from the purchase date to submit your receipts for credit.
* You must Endorse (click the Endorse button) the product before shopping at the store or purchasing an item. What I'd recommend doing is Endorsing items you think you might buy or before heading out on a shopping trip, simply check to see if any of the items you plan to buy are items that you can Endorse.

Want to give Endorse a try? Click on the following links and "Endorse" the stores you normally shop at:
* Walmart
* Target
* Dollar Tree
* Starbucks
* Applebees
* Olive Garden
* Bed Bath & Beyond
* Subway
* Panera BreadLink* Michael's
* Carter's
* Children's Place
* Rite Aid

Or "Endorse" products you buy:
* Gold Medal Flour
* Cool Whip
* Huggies DiapersLink* Pampers Baby Dry
* Honey Nut Cheerios
* JIF Creamy Peanut Butter
* Crest Toothpaste


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