Friday, April 8, 2011

You Might Enjoy...

* Coupon Lingo
- I know I have several readers that are just getting into the couponing thing and maybe there are some of you that just plain get confused by all the abbreviations you see. This post is a great reference point.

* Want to save the most? Do without!
- An excellent read. I was really challenged with this because this is one of the ways that we have saved a lot, just by simply doing without things. However, as I read this I realized that I've allowed the consumerist mentality to take hold of me more than I realized in the last couple of months. I really want to try to just do without's actually kind of fun if you can see it as a challenge or game. Here's what I mean: The more you do without the more you save, the faster you can pay off your house etc. Hmm. Maybe I should just do a post on this sometime too!

* How to leave a good comment.
- I thought this was a great how-to on leaving good comments on blog posts. For those of you that have blogs, this is a great way to build your own blog. For those of you that don't have blogs, you still can benefit from reading it! And while we are on the subject of comments...I have a rather quiet readership. :) Maybe it's just that you are unsure of how to leave a good comment and so you opt to leave none?

* Robyn O'Brien's testimony of why she switched to whole foods.
- This is one of the best arguments I've heard for eating whole foods. I know this is a touchy subject and the video is a bit long, but if you take the time to watch it, I really think you'll be amazed. I was!


  1. I have read robyn Obriens book and it was awesome. It had great facts that I was able to share with friends and family that aren't eat'n as healthy.

  2. Beth, thanks for the recommendation. I'm hoping our local library has her book as I'd love to read it. If not...well, maybe I can find a cheap used one!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations!

    And about few comments... it may have to do with the kinds of posts typical on your blog. I find it hard to comment on a deals post. There just doesn't seem to be much to say! So please don't take it personal!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Gina! You are probably right that it is due to the kinds of posts that I do. I don't really take it personal, but as a blogger I'm sure you know how encouraging and motivating it is to get comments.

    At any rate, that is not the reason I blog....but it does help. :)


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