Thursday, July 8, 2010

THE VERDICT: Bleached or Unbleached Flour

Remember way back in March when I did an Ask the Reader's Post about what your opinion was of unbleached flour versus bleached flour and promised you an update of my opinion once I had given it a fair trial. Okay, honestly I'm sure by now you've long forgotten all about it, but I really did want to let you know what I thought.

First off, let me just explain that I only just recently finished using that 5 lbs. of unbleached flour. So seriously, I wasn't just being lazy by not posting. :) On a side note, I was surprised to find it lasted that long; but I guess because of my pregnancy and then this warm weather I just haven't been doing much baking and therefore I haven't used much flour.

Anyway, so what did I think? Well, to be honest, I couldn't tell any difference in the things I used it in. I made cakes with it. I made cookies with it. I used it for cooking. And never once did it seem to make anything weird, heavy or just not right. So, my verdict? I'll be buying unbleached flour whenever possible. I mean after all, we can use every extra little bit of nutrition available around here!

So thanks for all the comments you left on my original post. They encouraged me to go for it and give it a try. And yes, I'm glad I did!


  1. I had forgotten all about this! I'm glad you like it. I keep thinking I need to experiment with using wheat flour in bars and cookies. So far I've been too scared because I'm taking the time to bake it I want it to turn out!

  2. I agree, I use fresh ground brown flour for most my baking but I keep a 5 lb bag of unbleached flour in the pantry for when I want 'regular' goodies,make a gravy or play dough, or roll out cookies. I use a mix of the 2 when I make bread and in a lot of my goodies.

  3. I'm so glad it worked out for you!

    I'm reminded how fast we go through food around here! I use at least 20 pound of flour a month - and sometimes lots more!

    But then, I was shocked at how many strawberries you all eat - so I guess it all evens out in the end!


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