Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

This was another week of spending for me. I'm beginning to get a little worried I'll go over budget this month since it is a 5 week month and I only have $50 left to spend for the next 2 weeks. It will definitely help that we are going to be away most of this week (meaning we'll go through less food!). Anyway, here's the breakdown.

Total Spent: $67.97
Total Saved with Coupons: $27.00
Total Saved with Sales: $17.02
Total Saved: $44.03

Rite Aid
: $23.69
Saved with Coupons: $24.00
Saved with Sales: $7.13

Freebies: All of the above after SCR & other rebates

I will get $4.69 back in Single Check Rebates and $35.99 back via the Neutrogena rebate. Plus the Neutrogena will qualify for the Skin Care Single Check Rebate which will get me another $20 in SCR. I used $8.00 +UP Rewards and got $3.00 back to use on future purchases. So this was one huge moneymaking transaction! Every week I think, surely Rite Aid won't be as great as it was last week but then sure enough, I am able to get more great steals!

CVS: $0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $2.00
Saved with Sales: $5.00

Freebies: All of the above after Extra Bucks

I didn't use any Extra Bucks towards this purchase...shockingly enough, I actually didn't have any to use for once! Had I not used a gift card, my total would have been $4.45. I did get $10.97 back in Extra Bucks.

Oregon Dairy: $25.67
Saved with Coupons: $1.00
Saved with Sales: $4.90

I was tickled to get a great deal on both ground beef and chicken breast. And the Red Baron pizza will be a $0.56 moneymaker (including postage cost) after a mail in rebate.

Aldi: $8.61

Misc.: $10.00
Will use this to purchase produce at the local farmer's market.


  1. Lucky you that your Rite Aid carries the Neutrogena Clinical. Couldn't find it at my store. :( I was mad at myself for printing the rebate. A waste of ink! I could have gone to CVS to buy it but it wasn't as big of a moneymaker so I decided it wasn't worth the time. I'm wishing for a bigger nicer Rite Aid!!!

  2. Oh Michelle, that is frustrating! I feel for you. I actually took the last one at my store so I was pretty thankful I got it. I know what you mean about a decent Rite Aid. Mine used to have things in stock but recently they seem to be out of everything that is on sale. I can get rain checks, but if I have a coupon expiring that doesn't really help.


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