Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

I'm a little late getting my Weekly Spendings for last week posted. We were gone all day Sat. and then had dinner guests tonight so I just haven't had much time!

Total Spent: $19.28


Since I still have gift cards earned through MyPoints and also through our Discover credit card, I spent nothing on the above items. Had I not had the gift card, I would have spent $0.10 out of pocket after using $14.99 in Extra Bucks. I also got $6 Extra Bucks back and will get a $9.99 Bioluxe rebate (look for tag on bottles), so essentially I made $15.99.

Rite Aid: $4.69

I will get back $8 in Single Check Rebates from Rite Aid, so made $3.31.

Sav-A-Lot: $3.09

This was a fun trip. I won a $15 gift card for Save-a-Lot from The Frugal Girls. Save-a-Lot had a $5/$20 coupon (expired now) as well as a number of other coupons which saved me $11.19! I was tickled to get to milk that $15 to the max.

: $11.50

I save $13 by using coupons to buy the above items. I took advantage of the four $1 coupon doubler coupons that were in the ad this week, as well as the $2/$5 produce coupon. There is also a catalina deal going on for Kraft products and I did that as well which earned me a $5 off coupon for my next purchase.

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  1. ugh...i missed the kraft cheese deal...i saw it was at several stores, but didn't realize it was at giant, too. :-( did you just try it or did you see someone else had success? you win some and lose some. :-)



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