Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

I went over my budget by $15.85 this week but I didn't really mind since the last four weeks I've been under my budget- sometimes as much as $20 to $30. One of the reasons I went over was because I made a trip to the bulk food store. I always like to try to stock up on the things I typically purchase there so that I can save time and only go roughly once a month.

Total Spent: $59.69

Aldi: $7.99

CVS: $0

I would have spent $2.48 on this after using $23.97 in Extra Care Bucks, however, thanks to the CVS gift card I earned through MyPoints, my out of pocket was $0. I got another $20.99 in Extra Bucks and will also get a $15 rebate for the Olay products. So all told, I actually made $35.99 on this!

Local Bulk Food Store: $36.73

Wal-mart: $6.24

Can you tell I was out of beans?! I discovered a couple of months ago that Walmart is cheaper than our bulk food store when it comes to buying dry beans.

Rite Aid: $8.57

The Christmas wrap was on clearance for $0.99. Thanks to using my Rite Aid Wellness Card, I had two $1 off coupons that had printed out on previous receipts, which made these free. I will get $9 back in Rite Aid rebates.

Giant/Martin's: $0.16

When we were in Maryland, I ran to the store for my mom one day and of course took along my stash of coupons. Since the Martin's there double coupons over $1 I took advantage of that and was able to get all of this for nearly free. Oh how I wish our local Giant (same store, different name) did this!

How about you. Did you find any amazing bargins this week? Or maybe you have a question about how to use rebates/coupons or would simply like to see a break down of what coupons I used etc. If so, feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. I am in AWE! You may have went over butdget but I've never had shopping bargains like you find! There is a reason you can be called the Thrifty, Frugal Mom!

    Thanks for sharing! Even if it looks impossible, just knowing that it apparently is possible inspires the rest of us!


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