Monday, December 21, 2009

Recycle Bank: Free Huggies Coupons, Seventh Generation Dish Soap and More

Wow, listen up folks! This is one amazing deal! You can get FREE coupons for Seventh Generation, Happy Baby, Cascadian Farms, Huggies and more when you create a free account at Recycle Bank. Here are the four simple steps:

1. Go here and click the "Get Started" button at the top left hand corner.

2. Click "Register" and fill out your information.

3. After you've signed up, go back to the homepage and sign in. Your account should have been credited 100 points.

4. This is the fun part! Click "Get Rewards" to spend your 100 points. (The coupons mentioned above are under the "Grocery and Food" category.)

Curious just what you might be able to get with your 100 points? Here are some ideas:
-Free Happy Baby toddler and baby food items- 40-50 pts
-$5/1 Huggies diapers coupon- 50 pts
-$1/1 off any Coke, Powerade, or Dasani product (should be able to get some drinks for free
after coupon)- 10 pts
-Free Seventh Generation dish liquid- 50 pts
-Free Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner- 100 pts
-Free Seventh Generation baby wipes (size not specified)- 75 pts
-$2 off any Cascadian Farm product- 20 pts
-Free Clean Well product- 100 pts

Note also that if you live in an area where Recycle Bank has curbside recycling programs, you can earn more points by participating.

Thanks to Mrs. Moneysaver for the heads up!


  1. I can't find the $5 huggies coupon

  2. Yeah, Rachal, I know. From what I've been seeing, it is there for a bit and then disappears. I nearly didn't post that one because of the issue, but I'm hoping that it comes back again. Perhaps if we hold out until the beginning of the month?


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