Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Belated Merry Christmas!

Well, I guess this is life. I had planned to write a little Merry Christmas post on Thursday, but then my Thursday went nothing like I had planned. Not that it was all wasn't. I got to spend time unexpectedly with one of my best friends, and that was wonderful. But my well- planned day flew out the window and blogging was just one of those things that got left go. And I'm okay with that.

I really enjoy blogging. And I really enjoy helping you, my readers, find ways to save. But, there is always the tension of time...and how exactly is the best way to use it. And so, even though my day didn't go as planned and I didn't get you all wished a Merry Christmas before the 26th, it is okay. Maybe even good.

Celebrating Jesus birth is always an exciting time of year and I hope you all had a wonderful day and made lots of happy memories. I know we did! So here's wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS...a little belated.


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