Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rite Aid Purchases

Wow, Rite Aid is just really making it easy to get good deals lately! The picture above shows what I purchased this week. I got all the products for free and actually made money on some of them- $21.50 in fact!! To see how you can do this too, visit Common Sense With Money.

Sometimes I am a little leery of posting my purchases because I am afraid that it will sound like I am bragging about how well I did. That is not my intention. My reason for posting my purchases is to show you how easy it can be to do this whole couponing thing and also how to make money doing it. I hope you find it inspiring and not annoying!


  1. I love to see the deals others get!!! So don't hesitate about posting your deals! I saw you got an EOS lip balm. I got my free one a while back in the mail and I love it!

  2. I really enjoy seeing pictures of other people's deals. It's very inspiring because it's real-life savings and not just scenarios and numbers!

    By the way..I checked my yogurt recipe and it says 112 F. for pasturized milk and 130 (then cool to 112 before adding starter) for unpasturized. I am sure that heating it up to a higher temperature doesn't really matter, but it does save time to not have to wait so long to finish it.


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