Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freebie: Happy Baby Food

Print this coupon for a free organic Happy Baby Food product. Want to see a list of retailers that carry Happy Baby products? Go here.

I had seen this coupon floating around on a couple of blogs but was a little nervous as to whether it was legitimate or not since it was a PDF file. So I emailed the company that markets Happy Baby Food and asked them and they confirmed that it was indeed a valid coupon.

The rep that replied to my email, also asked me to pass this on to my readers:

Helen MWe would really appreciate your vote and so would Project Peanut Butter, our non-profit partner that feeds starving children in Malawi and Sierra Leone. Please spread the word, there are only 2 days left to vote: tweet, FB, email to everyone you know. We are the only woman-owned business and the only 'green living' business.

Please vote here:

So, if you are feeling in a giving mood, why not help them out? It looks like right now they are at second place.
Helen M


  1. I too saw this floating around on the web. I printed a couple off but am still unsure about it even though they verified that it's valid. I think it's odd that there isn't a maximium $ amount anywhere on the coupon. Every free coupon I've seen always has a maximium value amount. Thanks for taking time to e-mail them. I might try using it tonight at Meijer.

  2. I know Michelle, that is one of the reasons I questioned it. I'd love to know how your Meijer experience goes!

  3. Well, I went to Meijer and couldn't even find the product. :-( When I checked under store locater it said this Meijer carries these items but I couldn't find them. I might be able to get to Babies R Us in a couple weeks then I'll check there.

  4. Well, that stinks! I have had that happen to me before too and it is really frustrating!

  5. I always worry about PDFs. Thanks for checking it out. :)


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