Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Spending Summary

Well, since we were on vacation, I'm a little off schedule, so this post is actually my spending for 8/14 - 8/20.

Total Spent: $47.24
Total Saved with Coupons: $39.38
Total Saved with Sales: $28.52
Total Saved: $67.90

$0 (gift card)
Saved with Coupons: $35.68
Saved with Sales: $22.28

My out of pocket for this would have been $3.77 had I not used a gift card that we earned through our credit card rewards program. I paid $3.99 for three of the packs of Huggies and $2.99 for the other one. And then to top it off, the Huggies was part of a promotion where if you spent $30 (before coupons) you got a $10 gas gift card. So I got that as well! The Twix and CVS bandages were free with coupons from the little CVS coupon printer machine in the store.

Giant: $7.20
Saved with Coupons: $1.70
Saved with Sales: $6.24

I've been watching for inexpensive grapes all summer because I've been wanting to make fruit slush. (I really need to post that recipe on here. It's such a refreshing thing to eat.) The sandwich flats are for our trip that we are taking. Here's my confession. I do not really enjoy cold sandwiches that much...unless they are made with sandwich thins. So when we go on trips that is one of the things I splurge on. I figure it is still cheaper and healthier than eating out!

Aldi: $12.92
I had to buy yet more sugar for canning. I'm planning to make applesauce in a couple of weeks and know I'll go through a lot then.

Walmart: $12.36
Saved with Coupons: $2.00

I decided to make my own marinara sauce this year. I'm skeptical that it was actually cheaper than buying it, but I enjoy doing that kind of thing AND I know what is in the stuff that I make. Plus, the homemade stuff is usually better than most of the brands that I can buy inexpensively. Anyway...that is what all the tomato paste was for. :) The fruit pectin was free after coupons. I'll save it and use it to make jelly next year.

Amazon: $14.76
This was for 96 oz. of honey, which in my opinion is a great price. I was really excited because I was almost out of honey and saw this deal. And hey, you can't beat getting honey shipped right to your door!


  1. Just an idea...I find that my cost for marinara sauce decreases if I use a recipe that does not contain tomato paste. But maybe if you are buying tomatoes, that wouldn't help much. I usually have tomatoes in abundance so it grates against a nerve to spend money for tomato paste.

    But maybe you love your recipe so much the cost is worth it.

  2. Gina, thanks for that. I know the paste does add significantly to the cost and it kind of galled me to use it. But how do you thicken your recipe? I tried using clear gel twice and it was awful both times. The first time I used instant clear gel not knowing better and the second time? I have no idea what went wrong. So I decided to try this recipe and just spend the extra. Do you have a recipe you love that is on your blog? (I'm really not addicted to this one.)


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