Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ING Direct: $50 Free


ING Direct is offering a $50 free bonus when you simply open an online checking account. Here's how you do it:

1. Go to ING's website and click on the ING logo in the upper left hand corner
2. Click the Checking tab in the middle (you should see the $50 promo advertised)
3. Click "Get Started"
4. Click "Apply Now"
5. Open your account- there are no fees and no minimum deposit required
6. Activate your ING Electric Orange Debit Mastercard when it arrives in the mail
7. Use the card to make 3 non-pin purchase within 45 days of opening the account
8. On day 50, your $50 bonus will post to your account

It's that easy! We've done this in the past and it is super easy plus we've been very happy with ING's service. To keep track of my 3 purchases I just attach a sticky note to the credit card and note the purchases when made that way I know for sure that I did the required thing.

Thanks Saving with Shellie!


  1. I did this, got all the way to the end where you put in your current bank account information, then my phone froze up and the page was lost, I def did it through the link you have here but it worries me because I gave so much personal information, I really hope to get an email from them soon.

  2. Ok well they didn't send an email but I went back to the history and it days the referrals used to sign up with a bonus has expired but I may continue without it?? Should I worry?

  3. I'm sorry about that! I can't promise anything but I don't think you need to worry since it is a secure page. If you notice in the web address it says https. The "s" at the end means that it is a secure site. Also the little lock at the bottom of the page is supposed to be proof of a secure site too. If the lock isn't closed, then I'd be worried. However, like I said, I can't promise anything and I can see why you are concerned. If you want, you may call 1-800-ING-Direct and see what they say. I've always found them to be very helpful.

    I'm sorry you missed the promo! If they have it again I will try to post it. I got nothing for this referral link but if you are interested I have a special referral link that I can email you that will get you a $25 bonus. It's not as good as the $50, but if you were really wanting to open the account it would help a little bit.

    Hope that helps!


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