Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Spending Summary

Well, it was another week where I didn't do much shopping. The deals just weren't that amazing, I didn't really need anything, and I honestly didn't feel like going shopping. Kind of a nice break. :) The only store I hit was Rite Aid and I got some amazing deals there so that was fun.

Rite Aid: $20.95
Saved with Coupons: $41.00
Saved with Sales: $25.92

I was so excited about Rite Aid this week. I was able to stock up on wipes and diapers for some incredible prices- wipes for $0.01 a wipe and size 4 diapers for $0.07 a diaper! And on top of that since I purchased at least 5 packages of diapers I qualified for a coupon for a free package of diapers. AND then my area is part of a pilot area for something called +UP Rewards and so I also got an $11.99 coupon for purchasing the diapers which I'll use on a future Rite Aid purchase. So yeah, Rite Aid gave me my deal seeking high of the week! :)

I do want to thank one of my friends for printing off more $3 Huggies coupons for me. She doesn't like Huggies diapers and was sweet enough to offer to print out "her" coupons and let me have them. Thanks Susan!


  1. Were those huggies advertised in your circular or di you just run into a sale at the store?

  2. The sale price was advertised in my circular. But the +UP Reward was only advertised in the store. However, I first saw it on a blog that posts Rite Aid deals. I maybe should have posted it on here but since the +UP Rewards are only currently available in a few areas I wasn't sure it would be worth it- was afraid it would only confuse people. Make sense?

  3. I also did the deal on the diapers and got the +UP reward, and was wondering can I combine that with a 5/25 Rite aid store coupon also? Thanks!

  4. Yes Rosanna, you should be able to. I did that once the week of the offer and had no problems. Glad you were able to get the deal too!


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