Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sonic: Buy One Shake Get One Free

You know by now how much I love ice cream and anything ice cream related. Well, Sonic has this awesome new deal where when you buy one shake you get another one free (click on "What's Out There" if you can't see it). The deal is good until 6/27/10 but you have until 7/15/10 to actually use the coupon for the free shake.

I admit though, at first I wasn't too excited. I mean those shakes look great but even as much as I love ice cream I'm not enough of a glutton to drink two. And my dear husband isn't much of an ice cream lover unfortunately so I wasn't too hopeful that I'd actually even use this coupon. BUT then I saw the fine print that said this:

Buy one shake at regular price (plus tax) and get one free shake of equal or lesser value now or receive a coupon for a free shake on a future visit.

How cool is that? So I can get a shake now and then on another day when I am craving ice cream I can use my coupon for a free one! Sonic, me thinks that you are my new favorite fast food restaurant! :)

Thanks Saving with Shellie!


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