Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ways to Save: Coupons continued...

So if you are wanting to use coupons, where do you find the helpful little critters. I think most people know about the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper but there are also a LOT of coupons you can print of websites as well.

Kraftfoods.com and Coupons.com are two of my personal favorite websites for internet coupons. But Betty Crocker, SmartSource, Eat Better America, and Pillsbury are also some other good sites to check out. A helpful site that has all sorts of links and information, including a coupon insert schedule, is A Full Cup. Mommy Saves Big is another website that you might want to check out for coupon links, especially to specific stores. One thing to keep in mind with each of these sites is to check back often as they are constantly changing and updating their available coupons.
Kraftfoods.com is one that you'll especially want to make sure to check out the beginning of every month since that is when they usually update and reset their coupons.

Now for the coupon inserts. If you ever check out the deals people show for different stores you will notice that they often have several coupons for the same item listed in their deal idea and often these coupons are from the weekly inserts. So what are some good ways to snag several copies of the coupon inserts? Well, obviously, you can buy several papers, however, I didn't really want to pay that much so I got a bit creative.

First I talked to my parents and my grandparents and asked them for their coupon inserts and they were thrilled to give me a hand in saving money- you know how parents and grandparents are. Then I put a post on Freecycle and a lady across town offered me her inserts 'cause she only uses about 2 coupons a week'. I was tickled pink and so now every couple of weeks as I have opportunity I stop by and pick them up. That gives me 3 copies of the coupon inserts every week which has worked well for me.

My suggestion: be creative in ways to get coupons. Some people dumpster dive. Some ask for them at the library. Some scavenge people's recycle bins sitting by the curb. Find what works for you and have fun saving with coupons!


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