Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Freebie: Trio Race Car

Head to the Mattel website to request a free Trio race car. The site is running really slow but it does seem that Internet Explorer is working better than Firefox for this one.

Thanks Spoiled but not Rotten!


  1. Thank you for stopping by. I really like the flavor of the Baby Golds, will continue to get them as long as they carry them. You mentioned the things to get the pit out, I have trouble even trying to separate them. Do you peel yours like an apple or is there some secret to make the peels come off like other peaches, I can't seem to get them to come off any other way. Enjoyed your blog, such a good job in shopping and saving money. I always like to look at purchases and think how long did my husband work for that amount. I remember when you could buy products in bigger packages and save money, not so all the time now. Makes a person stay on their toes when shopping:)

  2. Yes, they are a pain to peel. I usually just use a vegetable peeler. And by the time I'm done doing all of mine my wrists usually hurt from pulling them apart. :)

    I like how you think of buying things in relation to how long your husband has to work to pay it off. Bet that puts it into perspective and makes you think twice sometimes about buying stuff. At least it would me!

  3. At least now I know that there is no easy way of peeling these peaches. It worked really well to cut them off the pit, as my husband likes them cut up for his lunches. Yes, it does make you stop and think before buying things. He works hard and I don't want to waste money on unnecessary purchases.


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