Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Spending Summary

Michelle's post last last week inspired me to try to be more faithful at showing my weekly purchases. Hopefully it can inspire you and you'll see that using coupons can indeed save you quite a bit of money!

RiteAid/Farmer's Market
I bought the carrots and lettuce at our local farmer's market for $2.15 total.

Then I went to RiteAid and bought the rest of the items there. I spent $5.53 out of pocket and will get back $5.69 in SCR (Single Check Rebates); $2.69 for the Crest, $2 for the Kotex, and $1 for the Renuzit. So I actually made $0.16! Part of what made my out of pocket so low was a $5/$20 Video Values coupon that I had.

My total before Extra Bucks was $8.42. I had a $7.99 Extra Bucks coupon to use so I only spent $0.43 on this. And actually, I used a CVS gift card that I earned through MyPoints to pay for that, so nothing went against my budget! I also earned another $3 Extra Bucks coupon to use toward another purchase.

I was able to get all of the above free after coupons. Rather amazing, considering I typically can't do that at our grocery stores around here. When I checked out, it was kind of funny. The cashier got this mildly shocked look on her face then said, "Well, that is the first time I've ever had a customer pay nothing!" I just smiled.

So all in all, I only had $2.15 go against my budgeted amount. Don't think too many amazing thoughts...what you don't see is that about two weeks ago I bought a bunch of meat and spent a good part of our monthly budget on that!

Did you get any good deals lately that you want to share?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I always love to see other peoples deals! I sure wish I could find the scotties tissues on sale around here! The only place the carries those tissues and accepts coupons is Family Dollar and they're $1.90. More than I want to pay.

  2. WOW! I totally can't seem to make coupons work for me - but I'm so impressed when I see the results of those of you that do! Keep sharing - and maybe someday I'll "get it"!


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