Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes It's Just Worth It

Sometimes it is just worth it to pay more. I was reminded of this again recently when my bottle of lavender scented Dawn, which I've used exclusively for the last 1 1/2 years because I could get it free or almost free with coupons and sales, was nearly empty.

As usual, I added it to my shopping list and when I went to purchase it I looked for a Dawn coupon to use. To my surprise I could find none! So, being the frugal person that I am, I decided to just go with whatever was cheapest and bought a bottle of Ajax. Bad mistake! I soon realized that I had to use way more soap than normal. Not to mention the fact that about halfway through washing dishes (I usually have a pile since I typically wash once a day) I felt like I needed to get fresh water and soap because the suds were gone and the water just didn't feel clean.

About a week later I was at Walmart and saw the Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap on special and knew that I had just gotten a coupon for it. So for $1 I decided to go for it and give it a try. It was all that I remembered Dawn to be and more. It honestly does make your hands feel wonderful!

So, I decided then and there to never waste money on cheap dish soap again. Ever. To me, it is one of those things that is just worth spending more on. Lesson learned!


  1. I have a question. I watched one of the ad perks videos via Rite Aid. Can I print the coupon off more than once? It allowed me to print as many as I wanted but they all have the same barcode. So I was just wondering if it's all right to use them all?

  2. No, you can't print them more than once. I didn't know you could print as many as you want when you do print them. My guess is that you are only supposed to use one since they do say one per customer on them. That is odd that it allowed you to print more than 1 when you printed though! Happy saving!

  3. Okay, Thanks! For the Mommas had a deal scenerio written up and you need to use 3 of those coupons. I left her a comment asking her about it and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I'm curious to hear what she has to say.

  4. Hmm....I hadn't noticed that. I'm anxious to see too what she has to say.

  5. Okay, finally getting back to you. Here's what Shannon from For the Mommas said in here e-mail to me.

    "Rite Aid very odd with their coupon policy.

    They issue a Rite Aid coupon that has a generic code that starts with an RC on it. This coupon is type of coupon that is in the Rite Aid circulars. These coupons do not have unique code and you can use as many as you would like. However, some cashiers are not happy about using more than 1 Rite Aid Coupon in a transaction, but 90% will no problem.

    I shop my Rite Aid almost daily, and I don't forsee you having an issue using multiple Rite Aid coupons"

    I think I'm going to at least give it a try next week using several coupons and see what happens.

  6. Thanks Michelle for the update. My only qualm would be that it states only one per customer on the coupons, both the ones from the circular and the ones from Adperks.


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