Friday, June 3, 2011

You Might Enjoy...

* Ways to Make the Monotonous more Fun
Do you ever feel, like I do, that daily life can start feeling a bit dull? I thought these were some great simple suggestions to make it more fun.

* Natural Ant Control Remedies
Thank goodness we don't have trouble with ants, but I'm sure some of you do. And they are so annoying! Hopefully one of these remedies might work for you.

* Do-It-Yourself Veggie and Fruit Wash
Maybe I'm weird, but I actually just wash my fruit and veggies in water. But I thought that this was a great inexpensive alternative to using the wash that you can buy. And I actually just might have to start using it on some of the "dirtier" stuff I buy.

* Making Daddy Feel Welcome
An excellent post on small things to do to make Daddy feel welcome when he walks in the door after a long day. It was such a good reminder for me! I can too quickly get in the harried, putting-together-supper mode and not give Vince the welcome he deserves.


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