Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Freebies

It's our little family's birthday season- June and July- and I thought I'd post an updated list of birthday freebies. Since I've discovered these, it is one of the highlights of my birthday. Only problem is, you can gain a lot of weight if you do them all! :)

* Baskin Robbins- Sign up for the Birthday Club and you'll get a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream for your birthday.
* Burger King- Your child can receive a free kid's meal on their birthday when you sign them up for Club BK.
* California Pizza Kitchen- Sign your child up for CPKids and they can enjoy a free kids meal.
* Dunkin' Donuts- If you have a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, you can register it for the DD Perks Rewards and among other things, you'll get a free medium beverage of your choice for your birthday.
* Krispy Kreme- If you live near a Krispy Kreme you may be able to get a dozen free doughnuts on your birthday! Simply call your local store ahead of time to see if they participate. (I've never tried this one since we don't have a store near us, but I'm told many locations do offer this yummy treat!)
* Panera Bread- Sign up for a Panera card and you'll get a coupon for a free sweet or pastry.
* Red Robin- Sign up for Red Robin's e-club and you'll get a free burger on your birthday.
* Ruby Tuesday- Join Ruby Tuesday's So Connected club and you'll get a free hand crafted burger- no purchase necessary- on your birthday. I couldn't believe it last year when they let me choose any burger I wanted and gave me fries and a drink too!
* Starbucks- Have a Starbucks gift card? Register it here and one of the perks you'll get is a coupon for a free Starbuck's birthday drink. It might be worth getting a $5 gift card and registering it just for this! :)

Two deals that are not quite as good but that I'll mention anyway...
* Cold Stone Creamery- Join their birthday club and receive a coupon for a free treat with the purchase of another one.
* Dairy Queen- Join the Blizzard Fan Club and receive a coupon for a Buy 1 Get 1 free blizzard on your birthday.

And two non-food related deals...
* If you create an account at they send you one of these offers and you can then redeem it for a $5 check. Not a bad birthday gift in my mind! Just be watchful, the subject line of the email just says something related to birthday and nothing about a coupon.
* Toys R Us- Sign your child up for the Toys 'R Us Birthday Club (click "Birthday Club" at the top of the page) and they'll receive a free gift (rumored to be a $3 Toys 'R Us gift card) on their birthday.

Have you ever done any of these freebies? Do you know of others? I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. I got a coupon from Chili's for a free brownie sundae.Yummy! And a ten dollar gift card from the club at Park City. I think you introduced me to that one a while ago:)


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