Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Savings in 2011

I was curious just how much I saved by shopping sales and using coupons this year so I went back and looked at my Monthly Spending Summaries and did the math. Here is how much I saved each month with both coupons and sales:

January: $551.47
February: $624.50
March: $554.15
April: $410.34
May: $265.12
June: $405.28
July: $206.80
August: $265.95
September: $461.74
October: $330.18
November: $525.66
December: $209.70

That comes to a total of $4810.89!

Add in the rebates (including Rite Aid Single Check Rebates) that I got and I saved over $5,000. So yes, I'm still sold on couponing, just in case you were wondering!


  1. Hey Lydia, I keep a total for coupons and one for just savings, last year in just coupons I saved $6269.99 and savings (no coupon totals) $5174.84. That's a total savings of $11,445.00. And people say we are wasting time couponing! Nadine B.

  2. Nadine, that is AMAZING!! Great job! I know. I always have to bite my tongue when I hear ppl say that couponers are wasting their time.

  3. Hi Lydia, just found ur blog and it's awesome I just recently started couponing and can't wait to save money :)


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